Dogs’ and cats’ skin and coats are different from us humans. The canine and feline skin is much thinner and a lot more sensitive than human skin. Using human shampoo or even soap on cats and dogs can strip their skin and coat of their natural oils which can possibly cause irritation. One-off use of human shampoo as an alternative can be fine but may not be good for the long term.

This is why it is of much importance that pet parents use shampoos and other grooming products that are specially made and formulated for dogs. Dog and cat shampoos and grooming product formulas are made to be much gentler and more suitable to their skin and coat. A wide variety of these grooming products are available in most pet shops and stores. Brands like Bugalugs and Cat Space are just a couple of examples of shampoos and pet hygiene products that are specially formulated for our furry four-legged friends. These brands offer a wide selection of delicate and long-lasting scents, as well as special variants such as anti-flea and tick, relieving, and calming shampoos. These dog and cat shampoos are generally pH-balanced which allows them to gently cleanse the skin and coat while leaving a fresh scent.

Best Companion offers an array of dog and cat supplies including dog and cat shampoos. Brands like Bugalugs, Cat Space, and M-Pets produce a wide selection of shampoos, grooming products, and formulas like ear and eye cleaners, and dental and oral health products, as well as a variety of pet hygiene products that are formulated to cater to the special needs of our canine and feline companions.