In this modern society that has a continuously growing fondness towards pets such as cats and dogs, the demand for food that is specially formulated for them has ever been increasing. If you visit and look around a pet supply store, you will see lots and lots of dog and cat food in different kinds. Aside from kibbles or dry food, you will see wet food in cans and pouches and semi-moist daily food. Home-cooked and raw food has also been increasingly popular with pet parents these days

In choosing food for cats and dogs, there are many factors pet parents have to consider. From the pet’s stage of life to their lifestyle, special dietary needs, and ideal weight, to the pet parents’ budget and the quality of the food’s ingredients, it is really quite an intricate process to choose the best dog and cat food to feed our furry family members.

With all the brands and varieties available in the market, it can be tedious to determine which one to choose. There are those brands that pet parents who prefer prescription food go for but for those who are looking for premium dog and cat food that is naturally formulated, high in protein, and free of cheap commercial fillers, brands like Carnilove are the best option. You will find that most pet shops and supply stores in the country have dog and cat food of different brands on their shelves since distributors like Best Companion Pet Supplies Trading, and the Carnilove Food Supplier in UAE are widely distributing to various channels nationwide. If you are interested in distributing Carnilove in your own pet supply shop, you may reach out via email at as Best Companion is the exclusive Carnilove food supplier in UAE.