There is a huge variety of food for pets, let alone dogs and cats. With the different types, varieties, and even flavors of various dog and cat food that come in different shapes, colors, and sizes, it is a fun but really crucial process. Best Companion Pet Supplies Trading, one of the distributors of quality wholesale pet products and pet food wholesale suppliers in the United Arab Emirates, carries one of the most popular and sought-after pet food brands in the country which is Carnilove.

This brand offers a great selection of dog and cat food, both wet and dry, as well as treats and snacks to delight our furry companions. Carnilove has a wide variety of grain-free dog and cat food that is primarily made of wild-origin meat, as well as natural forest fruits and herbs essential for optimal health in our feline and canine friends.

Carnilove has a line of dry food made from natural prey meat such as reindeer, wild boar, turkey, and salmon that offers various health benefits. They also have a specialized line of dry food made from 80% meat such as rabbit, carp, trout, and ostrich. Their line of wet dog and cat food is also available in cans and pate in pouches that dogs and cats absolutely love. Aside from these, Carnilove also has a great line of treats that come in semi-moist or soft, crunchy, and jerky snacks.

When it comes to quality wholesale pet products, you can count on Best Companion Pet Supplies trading to bring reliable and trustworthy pet supplies closer to you! We are the exclusive Carnilove food supplier in UAE, if you’re interested in adding Carnilove to your shop’s shelves, you may contact us via email or through our phone line at +97142880018.